I am a heart-centered being, here to help guide you back home to your Self. My practice is dedicated to the reunion of you with your wholeness…to rediscover the essence of who you really are, and the remembering of what you came here to do.

In our intentional container, using Breathwork, EFT, or Bodywork, we will help you strip the layers of conditioning, trauma, pain and confusion, to awaken you to your highest potential. This potential has been within you since the moment of your conception, are you ready to answer the call?



to your True Self.


into your Highest Potential.


your Body and Soul.


 Why I choose to be of service to others…

I believe it is only possible to offer someone an experience as deep as those that I’ve had myself. When it comes to healing, this is especially true. Through my own pain, my own suffering, my own self-rejection, and my blame...I have managed to find and rediscover the light within me that is relentless along my journey. This light of hope, openness, relaxation, self-permission, kindness, respect, honor, boundaries, and so much more has grown and healed the more I hold space for my own pain, my own conditioning, and my own denial.

As I continuously heal my own heart, I become even more passionate and directed to help other’s along a similar journey. It is my deepest desire that we evolve into a species that loves, honors, and respects each other to the depths of our True ability. The World needs us each to play our part!

 How can I help you?

  • Are you energetically sensitive and need more confidence and tools to navigate an emotionally toxic society?

  • Do you find it difficult to participate in our Western society according to the status quo?

  • Are you feeling stuck, and despite your best efforts, it’s been hard to heal and move forward?

  • Do you find you have the awareness of your unconscious patterns but can’t manage to actually change them?

  • Are you struggling to tap into your fullest potential and to actualize your best self?

These are just some of the reasons why you will benefit immensely from our work together. If you are ready to show up for yourself and to do the work of going within, then I am ready to meet you fully with Strength and Love. Only you can walk your path, I am here to help guide you back to Love and to return to your Truth, whatever that may be.