This type of session is for those who wish to Awaken to their true potential…

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In this Awakening session, we will focus on a particular issue in your life that you wish to find an inner sense of peace, liberation, and empowerment. Using the healing power of the breath, tapping and Love we will go deep within your experience and expand your consciousness to shed layers of fear and conditioning to expose the Truth of who you really are.

In this session you will receive:

  • 2.5-3 hour session

  • Customized breathwork track for daily integration

  • Journal prompts

  • EFT tapping video

  • Follow-up email


Sliding scale $175-250.

I utilize a sliding scale model, that both honors the value of my time, and also provides access for a spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds. Within this model, if you are able to pay towards the high end, know that you are enabling me to offer care to another people who cannot afford to pay my full price.

Sessions are available in-person (Portland, OR) or online via Zoom.