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SOMA Breath

Soma Breath is where things get ecstatic… As a powerful tool for manifestation, you first set your intentions for what it is that you truly want in your life. Then, rhythmic music guides you on an inner journey home to yourself as you breathe in and out to the beat of the music. Hyper-oxygenating your body, raising your vibrational energy, and super-charging your nervous system, you create an opportunity for your body to strip the layers of conditioning and guardedness so you may open up and expand yourself into the Truth of who you really are and are becoming.

 In Soma Breath we use certain breath retention techniques called “Kumbakha” to drop our thinking mind and fall into a deep meditative state where we can reprogram our subconscious mind and begin attracting to us what it is that we truly want. Additionally, these breath retention phases pull our physiology into a state known as “intermittent hypoxia.” This is where your blood oxygen level drops dramatically, as the need to breathe is delayed for quite some time after the rhythmic breathing phase. It is in this state of “intermittent hypoxia” where stem cells (which can only survive in hypoxic conditions) are freed up from deep within your structure and allowed to float freely through your blood stream to the areas of your body in need of healing.

Click here for an introduction video to SOMA Breath.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as "tapping") is a self healing modality that integrates Chinese Medicine, somatic processing, and modern psychological techniques. As powerful beliefs about self (formed by trauma, life experiences, and society) are explored, meridian points are tapped to activate and discharge stagnant energy. Because it works with the mind, the physical body, and the etheric body, it is incredibly effective at helping people rapidly process through any form of stress, anxiety, fear, shame, limiting beliefs, and chronic pain, often when other approaches have failed to provide growth or relief. EFT allows you to direct your own healing, loving, powerful energy towards yourself (even if at first that doesn't seem accessible!), supporting you in accessing your own inner healer and your birthright state of vibrancy.

EFT is a great tool for individual and group sessions where one wants to dive deep into connecting with and loving their inner child, allowing space for healing and transformation to take place. It’s also complimentary to breathwork and bodywork, and can be incorporated into those sessions when appropriate!

Click here for an introduction video to EFT.



Bodywork/Somatic Processing

There is a deep and ancient part of our being that responds to touch. This part is so foundational and so unconscious that we oftentimes forget how nourishing it is to receive loving, safe, and healing touch.

Through the journey of our lives, we experience pain. Whether it is pain in our heart-centers, or pain to the physical body, the inevitability of this suffering is spiritually regarded as a fact of life. However, the alleviation of this pain, the healing from this pain, and the lessons learned from this pain are all possible. Healing touch is one way of allowing this pain to let go and heal.

With gentle and loving hands, it is my intent to hold a sacred space for you to unwind. Using rocking and rhythmic movement of your body and limbs, I help create a dance for you, lapping your body up against its’ edges like water. Every cell begins to relax and vibrate with vital life force, and a sense of peace is felt throughout your entire being.

My form of bodywork is primarily influenced by “The Trager Approach,” and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. Riding a fine line between the physical and the energetic, this work is wonderful for those who wish to relax more deeply into themselves, receive physical support, and feel what it means to “let go.”

Deep healing takes place as we find enough safety to unwind and relax our nervous systems, beyond the tension we’ve held for years resulting from past trauma and fear. With my assortment of bodywork tools and exposure to various approaches including Somatic Experiencing, energy work, EFT and Breathwork, I am able to bring a body-based approach to our work together, even if merely connected via an internet connection over Zoom.

To see an example of what “The Trager Approach” looks like, click here.