This series of 5 sessions will help accelerate and amplify your healing, growth, and self-actualization…

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In this 5-session Transformational series, you will be offered the opportunity and support necessary to dive deep within yourself and to evolve into your highest potential. Over the course of 5 weeks, we will meet for 90-minutes per session using the tools of SOMA Breath and EFT to energize your system, clear subconscious beliefs, integrate your expansion, process old traumas, and transform into your most Sacred Self.

This package looks like:

  • 1st week—SOMA Breath (set Intentions and expand your Consciousness)

  • 2nd week—EFT session (clear blockages that arose during your 1st week)

  • 3rd week—SOMA Breath (go deeper into breathwork with more Freedom and Conviction)

  • 4th week—EFT session (clear out any remaining debris keeping you from manifesting your True Self)

  • 5th week—SOMA Breath (Explode into your Fullest Potential!)

Included in your package is:

  • Customized breathwork track for daily integration

  • Journal prompts

  • Customized EFT tapping videos

  • Weekly follow-up email


$595 per package

Sessions are available in-person (Portland, OR) or online via Zoom.