Want to rock the boat and begin your transformation process? Want a taste of SOMA Breath? Join us!


In this weekly free webinar via Zoom, we will come together to explore the basics of SOMA Breath. I will teach you about the modality, how it began, and what it can offer you. I’ll then show you the central technique to SOMA, and we will explore a short and complete session. Even a brief session can produce beautiful results from increased mood, to clarity of one’s Life purpose. Join us!

This option includes:

  • Weekly free SOMA Breath session

    How is this different from “Integrate?”:

    This meeting does not include any tapping, nor do we do deep dives into processing stuck emotions. This is a fun and more superficial peek into this work!

When, Where, and Price:

Tuesday’s from 6-7pm PST, Zoom link will me emailed each week